Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Back to the classifieds

So I looked at the famous 2-bedroom apartment in Rosedale today. It's a no go, for me anyway. For starters, it's a *25 minute* walk from St Clair and Yonge. 25 freaking minutes! I kid you not. I walked and walked - the damn street (Summerhill Avenue) isn't even clearly marked. So before I had even seen the place, I'd decided not to rent it. It's not that I mind walking. A fifteen minute walk, I could live with. But I'm already spending close to two hours on the TTC every day - I don't need to add an hour of walking onto that, do I? There is a bus - but I'm already taking the subway and a bus to get to work, and a bus and the subway to get home. Do I really want to add another bus to the equation? No. It's not near anything. Yes, there's a little row of shops next door: the Summerhill Market (grossly over-rated IMHO), a drug store, a dry cleaner's, a bank, a post office. The CPR tracks run directly behind the building. On my walk to the building, two freight trains went by. Now, I currently live with the same tracks and the same train at the bottom of my street, about six houses away. Believe it or not, that six-house buffer zone makes a big difference. The building itself was shabby. It had seen better days, presumably in its heyday in 1949. It used to house nurses for a nearby veteran's hospital (now demolished), which is interesting - a piece of Toronto history I never knew about. The apartment, too, was shabby. The carpet, mercifully, has been ripped up and laminate flooring is being put down in its place. But it kind of bounces under your feet in a weird way - I didn't care for it. The walls were painted a weird mustard-browny-yellow colour. I'd have to paint over them, no way I could live with that. The linoleum in the bathroom was ugly. The original small metal knobs on the doors and closets were interesting to me, as was the original cast-iron bathtub (not a claw foot, alas) and bathroom sink. But the stove in the kitchen was hideous: a dark reddish brown, c.1960 or 70-something. It was a two bedroom apartment - I'll give them that. And there was a separate living/dining area, an L-shape at the end of the apartment. And about five or six windows. But I think I can do better. I hope to look at two more places by next Monday, both further north, in the Yonge and Eligible area. I don't know if I'll move in January - there's that whole 60-days notice and trying to get the most out of my last month's rent rigamarole to deal with. Anyway. We'll see. Onwards and above-groundwards!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Holiday Celebrate

Team holiday lunch yesterday. It lasted about 9 hours. What did I have to drink again? About three glasses of merlot with lunch, and then afterwards, a Liquid Cocaine shooter, a sour apple cocktail, some kind of "cinnamon" cocktail (vanilla Smirnoff, Goldschlager and coffee liqueur), a Smirnoff ice, and finally, vodka on the rocks. I think I've done my drinking for the weekend. Mineral water is my new best friend. If you were out in the Entertainment District last night and saw a group of drunken Bay Street types wearing Santa hats and screeching with laughter and slipping in the snow and slush, that was probably us. Actually, given the time of year and the location, that was probably 80% of Queen and John. Oh, and if you were that cute studenty-type guy, all fresh-faced, wearing a backpack, that we "hired", I just want you to know that we don't expect you to show up for work on Monday. But when you graduate, I encourage you to apply to come and work with us. We're a lot of fun.

Thursday, 12 July 2012


My last assignment. Done. Signed, sealed and delivered. Well no, not actually delivered - it would be almost a whole 14 hours early, and that's very unlike me. I'm going to proofread it tomorrow and e-mail it just before the deadline. Gad. Can I have my life back now, please?

Friday, 11 November 2011

Auto glass wiper blades - replace or repair?

Occasionally your car windows wipers and discount tires colorado springs are unable to do their work properly because of a simple fact - they are iced. This situation commonly happens when the window become heated and therefore the melting snow becomes water that drops over the wiper edge, which in turn then almost instantaneously changes back to ice just as before. From then on the rubber part loses the flexibility and the blade will not touch to the window as efficiently, which usually you are able to notice by irregular cleaningness of your auto glass when trying wipers. Below are a few helpful hints which you can try to help you prevent that (please seek the advice of your nearby auto mechanic before attempting these):

-Try out reducing the heated air flow that is coming on your window, you can look at shifting your heater to warm up your legs location instead.

-Work with heated winter time wiper blades and used tires denver

-Manipulate the arm of the car windows wipers in such manner that the rubber components are placed higher than their usual lower point and farther away from the engine cover, this approach is going to keep them from the snow buildup

-Place a small heating unit in your auto glass washer solution container, in such way that the liquid is a tiny bit heated whenever applying to the auto glass not forgetting cheap tires houston

-Only work with winter season windshield clean-up solution that is effective for conditions under ten * c

-Consider implementing a specific solution on the windsheild wiper blades and rubberized elements of the auto glass wiper, this process can prevent water from adhering to them and will keep them all unfrozen

-If perhaps you park your car outdoor, raise up the car windows wiper arms throughout the night time, this approach will help you clean the auto glass from snowfall every morning and lessen the winter load and tire shops indianapolis to the rubber pieces of your current wiper blades

Hope you found this information beneficial and your vehicle is ready for that freezing season coming up.

You Purchase A Motor vehicle or truck So Possess Automobile Insurance

How many times acquiring wished you could discover cheaper auto insurance or tire sizes? The cost of insuring an auto is costly to start with, and if you have any pimples or perhaps a DUI in the file, your rates will go sky high. You will discover ways to save money on vehicle insurance it just takes the footwork on your behalf.

Attaching with the exact same insurance firm getting a may not be a great thing. Probably likely to decrease your an insurance plan if your happen to be a lifelong buyer, but an additional company might have an even much better deal. Your needs as a new driver will change, and one could even get a new used car or truck: an insurance firm any more . not affordable prior to properly turn out to be your better discount tire jacksonville fl option afterwards.

Be aware - there are specific areas of used tires kansas city and automobile insurance - which nearly every express requires vehicle owners to have. One should know this due to the fact you do not want to produce in trouble for without having these elements. If you wish to unsure of what these demands are, you may want to contact your automobile insurance employee.

Essential a new routine arranged just before you cancel an insurance plan. Otherwise, you may end up getting a lapse of protection. Even a lapse in the place of single day can raise your automobile insurance prices substantially. Contemporary corporation will be able to set up your insurance policy to match up with cancellation of mature insurance policy, and that means you don't pay too much.

Numerous home owners have a large list of personal financial responsibilities to meet, and cannot dispense a lot on automobile insurance. With the ideas higher than, you may find it's simpler than you considered to spend less in the auto insurance. Reducing your costs could denote you could make changes for example firestone las vegas getting a new insurer, but saving money on automobile insurance will give you much more cash to deal with your own circumstances to a anyway-well deserved reward.

Things one have to be aware of when buying a previously owned vehicle

Not everybody have enough cash to buy a new car or cheap tires atlanta. Now how does one choose a previously owned auto? Exactly what do you need to pay attention to so you do not receive a misguided package? The key part of the process is to look at the previous time period of routine maintenance of the vehicle, which includes safety inspection and emission control examine and occasionally discount tire charlotte nc. In the event that it has been a long time, you might have to shell out a good number of funds to make it ready for these examinations once more.

Additionally examine the auto underneath and check out suspension elements, in case you do not have an chance to do this at that moment, try to take the car to your technician.

Turn on the car and listen to the motor keeping an eye on cheap tires chicago. Solid motor is not going to shake or produce excessive sounds. Have a go at accelerating and observe the fumes from the backside, charcoal smoke will suggest issues with the engine. Try out shifting the gears on the auto, in case you notice any excessive or scraping noises that could very well suggest a issue with your transmission.

Bring the automotive for a drive. For just a quick moment let go of the steering wheel and see what will happen, in case your vehicle is pulling to one side that may suggest a problem with car tire balancing or suspension system.

Thoroughly look at the body of the automobile, look for clues of corrosion or symptoms of any oil leakages beneath the vehicle or truck tires cincinnati or even on its pieces. See whether there are any kind of indications of fresh painting, that might indicate that the vehicle was in an incident a short while ago.

However, if all the earlier mentioned checks out, and the vehicle owner is eager to answer all the concerns and take the auto to your technician for undetectable problems check, then chances are that this car is good enough for buying.

Wildlife on the freeway - things to do

Meeting a creature close to the freeway is usually a surprising situation. And it's really not unnatural to panic when you see a wild boar along with little piglets moving by your car or truck within a several feets. Having said that, you need to be ready for these sort of occasions.

So, just how do different pets or animals react to the oncoming drivers or pick up truck bed covers? Is it possible to anticipate a reaction coming from a certain types of animals and what they may do after they see your vehicle, or your signals, or hear your honking? Let us discuss a few suggestions you could think about.

Deer or wild boar crossing your road

The risk when meeting a lot of these fellas is not merely their weight and size and discount rims and tire packages, but also the fact that normally they're not going to be all alone. So when you see the first being, lower your speed and dim your headlights a bit. You can attempt and rush the animal by honking although by no means try and pass it ahead of it. Keep in mind that boars and deer almost never turn back. Your best option is almost always to wait for the animals to get across the way after which you can keep on driving.

Moose, lambs, cows, and pigs across the path

The normal home friendly creatures, as well as moose, don't fear the vehicles. This means you ought to stop as soon as you see them on the road. Honking does not typically help as well so just as before, just hold on with patience while they get across your way.

Dogs and cats, foxes and also hares

Dogs and foxes are really dangerous on your way and on brembo brake pads due to their unusual behavior and the simple fact that they usually try to cross the path extremely fast right in front of the car or truck. Hares hardly ever cross driveways in daytime but through the night if caught ahead of the auto or truck they are going to rush in front of it. Consider stopping and turning off the front lights (if you can find no other cars on your way clearly) so the animal could get a better orientation and go away out of the freeway.

Just always remember that most vital factor is yours along with other fellow vehicle operators safety, and therefore the simplest way to keep yourself safe and sound is always make use of seatbelts plus shock strut. And lastly always take notice of the streets and avoid interruptions.